Good examples of paid social media campaigns: Paid ads inspiration

As part of our inspiration series, we interview five paid social media experts to have a look at their favourite campaigns and why they worked well. We consider these to be good examples of paid social media campaigns. We hope they inspire you with ideas for what you may want to achieve on your own campaigns.

For marketers these are perfect moments in time, the moments that make you fall asleep with a big smile on your face! Even with all the different elements in place, there’s no guarantee the same results could be achieved again. However, it’s the experience, intuition and in-depth knowledge that we as marketers have which gives you the match made in heaven for promoting your product or service.

A test and learn attitude from both marketer and client is essential for knowing when to tweak the ads to get the best results.  Great products from a well-run company help make it easier for marketers too!

There’s a wealth of fabulous marketing talent out there, so when you’re ready, make some calls and get to know who will suit your business style best.

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Case study #1: Finance sector

Henry McIntosh heads up the team at Twenty One Twelve, based in Henley. Twenty One Twelve focuses on helping high-ticket businesses consistently reach, engage and convert their ideal clients. The Twenty One Twelve team prides itself on finding innovative ways to generate leads from the most hard to reach audiences.

Using a layered approach to marketing for a mortgage firm, Twenty One Twelve used Facebook ads to build sign ups to a sales funnel email campaign. The campaign pulled in cold leads who were potentially interested in mortgage services and nurtured them, staying in contact with valuable and interesting content.

Along with strategic partnership campaign and social media, the campaign brought in a 4 x return on investment. The client has subsequently tripled their ad spend thanks to the success of the initial marketing work. Paid social ads are increasingly valuable for topping up email lists, which can then be used to nurture new sales.

Case study #2: Master coach /beauty sector

Amanda Philp and Isobel Burns are the team behind Digital Marketing Engine. The duo are Facebook™️ ads experts who specialise in getting results through data-driven campaigns that convert viewers to buyers. Developing multi-layer campaigns that deliver results through mapped customer buying journey, process optimisation and intuitive storytelling is their key to success.

The coach is a US-based expert in colour techniques. Her target base is professional hairstylists, and her sales come from large-scale teaching events, summits, and in-person workshops. With COVID meaning that her only sales avenue was online,  engagement with potential clients was essential.

The objective was threefold:

  • to connect with a larger group of potential clients, industry generalists and seasoned professionals;
  • to drive list building campaigns and create fresh audiences; and
  • to generate sales for an online summit, course and membership programs.

A full audit and review identified good content from past campaigns for strong, early results. Audience mapping and tech integrations allowed for tracking and retargeting the audience throughout their customer journey. A combination of ad types, campaign objectives and retargeting sequences were used to ensure the budget was spent in the most effective way possible. 

The campaign generated $15,615 sales from $1,497 ad spend = 10 x ROAS with 1062 new subscribers ready to be nurtured for future sales.

Case study #3: Baby/parenting product

Auxilia Business Support specialises in Facebook & Instagram ads and email marketing. Owner, Meg comes from a background in the Baby and Parenting industry, which makes her perfectly placed for this niche, including working with some global brands as well as some smaller independents.

“Back in October 2020, my client launched a new product into the Baby Sleep Market. There are very similar products on the market, but my client’s product had an innovative twist which made it much more desirable in comparison to their competitors. The campaign had a relatively low ad spend per day, but we worked it in a way to achieve maximum results. We created a series of creatives including carousels, videos and DPA’s to test and see what would work best within the audiences. Interestingly, the carousels outperformed all the other creatives.”

“We made sure we included the benefits to our audience over just describing the features, so we really hit all those pain points. We also made sure that retargeting was implemented to run alongside the campaign and we return a staggering ROAS of 35.51 to date just from retargeting. This means for every £1 spend, we get £35.51 back. The entire campaign has returned over 11.5 times its investment!”

Regardless of the size of your business, there is always room for Facebook Ads and Meg is proud to support smaller businesses getting on the FB Ads journey.

Case study #4: Facebook video ad series

Knowlton Marketing is a Kent-based family run video & social media marketing agency started by two brothers, Dan and Lloyd. In their weekly podcast, episode 33, the Knowlton brothers, Dan and Lloyd talked about how they tracked an incredible £485k revenue from social media in one month.

The campaign, which had a significant ad spend, included a complex series of targeted ads and remarketing based on video views and website clicks. The ad spend delivered an impressive 14-times return on investment. The stats don’t factor in customer lifetime value either, which will be significant on a product with repeat purchase.  The duo’s advice to marketers and businesses is “Tell people about how you help people.”

See the campaign stats here

Case study #5: Clothing brand

Anne at Socially Savvy Eco got some great results on a Facebook ad campaign for a family-owned clothing company. Socially Savvy Eco have a proven track record of working with eco-friendly businesses to maximise their commercial impact. They help their clients generate high quality leads for upcoming courses and events as well as driving website traffic to increase sales for eco-friendly online stores.

January and February are traditionally slower months for busines revenue, but Anne delivered an 11x return on ad spend for her client in February 2021. The campaign heavy lifting was done by Facebook ads, with marketing support from an email campaign and a bit of organic social media. Total sales were up 166% on December sales – a fantastic achievement and a very happy client!

Here are my top take-aways for paid social media advertising

  • Be clear on your objective: decide what’s most important whether it’s engagement, email signups or sales.
  • Don’t get distracted by the stats. If your objective is engagement, don’t pull your campaign because you’re not getting conversions.
  • Think carefully about your budget. There’s no crystal ball here for deciding what you should spend, but social ads need a reasonable amount of ad budget to achieve your objectives.
  • It doesn’t have to be a silo project: Consider how you can support your ad with other marketing activity for a bigger effect.
  • Choose wisely and stay committed to your agency: Ad campaigns can take time to set up and deliver the results you want. We’re talking months, not days or weeks, so take your time stay focussed on the results.
  • A little thank you goes a long way! When you get the results you want, give them a glowing review, it really does mean a lot.

Stay in touch with Just Add Sauce for more case studies – sign up to our e-news here. We hope our five paid social media advertising case studies have given you a good idea of what can be achieved. If you’d like to have Just Add Sauce marketing set up and run a campaign for your product or brand, please get in touch.

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