Ten ways to grow your business with strategic Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Strategic Facebook and Instagram advertising can take your business to a whole new level.

Organic traffic has a great part to play in building engagement, customer loyalty and developing campaigns. If you really want to scale up, it’s time to take the leap into paid social media advertising!

It takes a reasonable amount of budget, be prepared to pay anything from £1,000 a month for account setup and management along with around £1,000 a month advertising budget to achieve optimum results. You’ll be so glad you invested – your competitors are getting great results!  

Pay a well-experienced Facebook Advertising Strategist to streamline your business manager, Facebook pixel and advertising account as a starting point. It will require working with your web developer to add the right code into the right places, so be careful not to take shortcuts. It can be a complex process that takes a few weeks, but it’s well worth the investment.  

There are a number of brilliant reasons you should use strategic Facebook Adverts as part of your marketing plan, here are just a few of them.  

1. Use Facebook and Instagram ads to grow your email list

As the priority of data privacy seesaws between serving advertisers or platforms and protecting consumers, you should ultimately be working towards permission from your customers to market directly to them. Be open and honest with your customers so they can see what they’re signing up to.

If you own the data with full permission from your customers, you won’t be at the mercy of changing regulations from the platforms you’re reaching your customers on.

Get a good GDPR specialist to help make sure your privacy statements, data protection and systems are in tip top shape. You can then use Facebook ads to drive e-news sign up, growing your own list of potential customers to market to.

2. Develop audiences and learn from them

Facebook advertising audiences are an incredible tool. If you’ve only been boosting to posts up to now, you’re missing out on a whole world of detailed targeting. As advertising campaigns are set up and run, you’ll start to see which audiences are reacting. It often helps a business develop new customer targets and hone nuanced personas too.

3. Reach more people and extend to new geographical and interest-based audiences

Facebook advertising works best for large audiences – whether there is broad appeal in what you’re selling, a large geographic area or a niche audience internationally. By starting the process of setting up adverts, there are often new audiences and areas identified that could be new target markets. It creates an opportunity for business development, content creation, new partnerships and more.

4. Add your email list for lookalike audiences

Once you have the right permissions from your own customer list, you can add their details into your Facebook advertising list and create a lookalike audience. This means Facebook does the legwork, finding customers with similar interests and demographics who you could be selling to.

5. Leads direct to your Facebook page

You can create a campaign which delivers leads via your Facebook page for a quick response. Leverage the power of Facebook advertising to streamline your customer journey. From a customer perspective, there’s a much neater click-journey from a paid social ad to a sales conversion.

6. Test ad copy and images

Any good Facebook Advertising Strategist will constantly be testing images and copy to see what works best. In common with other marketing tactics, the stats will change regularly and there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’. You may well find that the copy or images you’ve been using don’t actually resonate well with your audience. Therefore, it gives you an opportunity to streamline your other marketing content accordingly.

7. Retarget for higher return on investment

Develop a pipeline strategy for the most efficient spend on your Facebook advertising budget. Start with a broad audience to reach, set parameters to retarget those who have shown interest and develop stellar advertising offers to convert your interested audience to purchasers.

8. Understand blocks in website and customer journey flow

Once your adverts have been set up, you will be able to see from pixel information and website statistics how your prospects are moving through your website. It becomes easier to see if for example customers are clicking on the advert but not moving to the checkout, or if they’re going to the checkout but then abandoning cart. Consequently, you will learn new ways to optimize the customer journey.

9. Exclusions to conserve budget

As part of a sales funnel, you can create an exclusion list for when you want to convert prospects. Take certain audience members out of the advertising audience so that for example you’re not sending an ad to someone who has already purchased or booked, saving you valuable budget for reaching new customers!

10. Add shop to FB pages

Lastly, add shop features to your social media pages. Facebook is constantly adding new features to shorten the customer journey, thereby extending the likelihood to purchase. Within a few clicks your ideal customer could go from clicking a Facebook ad to purchasing on your Facebook page.

How can we help you?

If you’re ready to make a leap forward for your business with paid social media advertising, get in touch! I can set up your Facebook business manager, arrange for your pixel to be installed by your web developer and create strategic ad campaigns for your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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