Keep your best customers coming back for more

This blog is a follow up to How to get your perfect customers on board

What does it cost for you to get a new customer?

It’s ten times more expensive to find a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Your customers already know what you offer, how you deliver it, what’s good or bad about your service and their recommendation of you also holds more weight than any other paid marketing.

Nurture, nurture, nurture….

Your best customers are your existing ones who should be nurtured with a retention campaign to keep them coming back for more. A retention campaign is designed to increase the purchase frequency or spend for returning customers. This is the best way to keep your best customers buying from you. It can also be a beautiful way to thank them for their loyalty!

How can I help you keep your best customers?

Here are four retention campaigns I offer clients

1. a social media tidy up for neglected pages

2. case studies for social proof

3. email campaign for keeping in touch well

4. customer surveys for fabulous feedback and constant improvement

1. Social media tidy up

As time goes by, your social media feeds can start to look dated. A refresh of headers, campaign images and implementing new trends can go a long way towards keeping your customers happy. Keeping on track socially gives your customers an easy way to recommend you. Fresh content builds engagement with those who may not have used you for a little while. Get rid of those cobwebs and dated posts and out your best foot forward!

2. Case studies

As your business becomes more established, you will have some good case studies which demonstrate how your product or service is ideally used, where you’ve added value or had an excellent result for a client. I interview your customer, put together a case study highlighting important elements, add in strategic messages to drive uptake in the right way to develop your business model.

If you want more customers to use your premium service, illustrate the benefits it’s had for a customer, what value it delivered and show how it makes for the best choice of what you can deliver. Case studies can be delivered a short blog article, a selection of social media posts, accompanied by professional photos or even delivered as a video sequence.

3. Email campaign for keeping in touch

Also known as a retention and loyalty scheme, email still has one of the the best marketing returns on investment.

Consider implementing an automated email campaign that is triggered by a purchase. It could start with a ‘thank you’ message, follow up with a feedback request, discount offer for a repeat or upgrade purchase, or a reminder further down the line to restock again. I can create loyalty campaigns designed to showcase your brand, give your customers more reasons to buy from you and an opportunity to show them feedback from other happy customers.

4. Customer surveys

How many of your customers leave because they don’t feel valued? Asking existing customers for feedback gives them an opportunity for honest feedback and makes them feel valued. Their honest comments on your service or product should be an opportunity to hone and develop, rather than threaten to undermine your brand.

Customer surveys can be structured to be short and pithy, getting right to the heart of where you can improve. Once implemented as a standard marketing tool, it can also be a temperature gauge for how your business is performing. You can anonymise feedback or give the opportunity for follow up.

Get in touch

If you want a marketing campaign to help get new customers on board, get in touch! All of these packages can be delivered by me as a full campaign or as a workshop. Get in touch and we can discuss how Just Add Sauce can deliver marketing to grow your business!

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