Five ways to warm up your new website

You’ve got a lovely shiny new website and all is right with the world. You might think it’s time to sit back, relax and wait for the enquiries to come but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is that your web designer has done a fantastic job building a shop front for your business . Now it’s over to you for window-dressing to attracting clients in. 

Read on for five ways to warm up your new website.

What does Google think?

There’s typically a lull between when a website is completed, before Google fully indexes all the pages into their search engine. Google’s clever little bots will be sending out magic crawlers that look through your web pages and analyse your content.

Ideally Google want websites with interesting, relevant content that searchers click onto, read thoroughly (longer page visit times), and then look at other pages on the website. Red flags would be searchers who click onto the website, spend a few seconds on it before pressing the back button. That would tell Google that the reader has clicked on a link but not found what they want and the rest of the site offers them nothing of interest.

From Google’s point of view, the search result hasn’t delivered what it should have. Either the search terms are misleading, or the content is irrelevant. If Google can’t deliver a good search service to their consumers, those customers will go elsewhere. As a consequence, they will take potential advertising revenue with them. 

So how does this help you? 

Google is providing a clear objective for your website – make it interesting to your perfect customer! Think of your website as a bricks and mortar shop. It needs window displays to attract shoppers in. What would you put in your window to entice shoppers in?

Time to dress the shop window

The window dressing is where marketing comes in – publicising your web pages on social media signposts visitors to your website to buy your services and find out more about you from your content. Blogs help them understand in more depth what you offer. The marketing that drives traffic to your website also works to validate your website and raise your rankings. Dressing your ‘shop window’ is the first step in warming up your website.

Think from your customers perspective

You need to create compelling copy aimed at your ideal customer. It should be conversational, interesting, relevant to their needs and how they would use your service.

For example, if you were a Christmas-focussed service or product, you might ask on social media for people to name their favourite Christmas movie, following up with how your service saves them time so they can enjoy their movie night. You’ll be getting engagement on your post by inviting comments and shares, providing conversation content and making new connections. You may even get valuable insights about your target market from the discussion.

Here are our top five ways to send traffic to your new website

You can get started on warming up your website in the following ways:

  • Send an email campaign to your customers inviting them to view the new website or new content as it is added
  • Use Google My Business to promote your new website
  • Promote your new website on your autosignature as a reminder
  • Share it with your friends and contacts and ask them for feedback
  • Promote it across all your social media channels

Where does Just Add Sauce Marketing fit into this?

If you need help warming up your new website, get in touch! Just Add Sauce can help you develop a marketing strategy, clear tone of voice, customer targeting, an editorial calendar to follow, blog writing to develop themes and social media posts to boost traffic.

For a free consultation on how Just add Sauce can take your website from an empty shop window to a thriving marketplace, get in touch.

(If you’re on the starting blocks with getting a new website, we can also recommend some excellent local web designers to suit your needs, whatever your budget.)

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