Why now is the best time to start advertising your hotel or restaurant

Hotel and restaurant paid social ads

February 2021 – While the hospitality industry is awaiting an announcement of opening dates that signal the end of lockdown, there are a multitude of reasons hotels and restaurants should start advertising earlier rather than later. Steal the march on your competitors You’ve done your planning, you’re ready to go as soon as the announcement…

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Keep your best customers coming back for more

This blog is a follow up to How to get your perfect customers on board What does it cost for you to get a new customer? It’s ten times more expensive to find a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Your customers already know what you offer, how you deliver it,…

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How to get your perfect customers on board

I broadly divide my marketing strategies into retention and growth. This blog focuses on growth, or how to get your perfect customers on board. Retention Your best customers are your existing ones who should be nurtured with a retention campaign to keep them coming back for more. Growth However, you should also constantly be topping…

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