How to get your perfect customers on board

I broadly divide my marketing strategies into retention and growth. This blog focuses on growth, or how to get your perfect customers on board.


Your best customers are your existing ones who should be nurtured with a retention campaign to keep them coming back for more.


However, you should also constantly be topping up your list of new customers.

The ‘feast or famine’ loop

It’s 10 times more cost effective to invest your marketing budget into existing customers, but there is a natural attrition rate of declining returns, so you should also appropriate some of your budget into finding new customers.

I have found that many businesses have a feast or famine loop – things quieten down so they throw their resources into finding new business. As that cycle starts to deliver results, they’re too busy to keep up the momentum and it tails off until they’re in famine mode again. A knock-on effect from throwing all your resources at new business is that at a point, there’s is too much work coming in and a danger of not being able to service clients adequately.

How to build a good pipeline

My advice is to put into place a constant new business feed that quietly works away in the background so that it’s not a distraction from the day to day work, but keeps delivering results for a more consistent flow of leads.

How can I help you?

The four marketing packages I offer for getting new customers on board are

1.            an organic boost

2.             a social media package

3.            a LinkedIn campaign; and

4.              an email and direct mail campaign.

1. Organic boosting

The organic boost package fits well with a newly launched website and works to deliver growth around content and driving traffic to the new website. It lays the groundwork for establishing good search terms, a knowledge bank of relevant copy, defined targeting of ideal customers which all supports Google rankings. It’s also ideal for warming up your traffic before an online advertising campaign.

2. Social media

My social media package takes smaller elements of copy and branded images into strategic social media posts to drive traffic to the website. This helps you reach more customers with targeting, develops brand personality and builds engagement with a growing base.

3. LinkedIn campaigns

My LinkedIn campaign plan is a six-week campaign focussed around strategic alliances. I research your best introducers, find other businesses who have the same customer base as you to tease out partnership opportunities, raise your business profile and develop thought leadership opportunities within your business community.

4. Direct marketing

An email and direct marketing campaign creates a multiple touch point opportunity to reach new customers. The strategy is to identify multiple ways a customer uses your service or product and create a campaign around each of them, showcasing what you offer. It can be created as direct mail, an email campaign or a combination of the two.

Get in touch

If you want a marketing campaign to help get new customers on board, get in touch! All of these packages can be delivered by me as a full campaign or as a workshop. Get in touch and we can discuss how Just Add Sauce can deliver marketing to grow your business!

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