Business owners – we’re talking to you! Any business coach will tell you in the first five minutes that to grow your business, make your time more efficient and increase your profits, you should outsource the things that aren’t in your core skill set. Business coaches see time and again how much time can be wasted learning a skill on the job when it makes better financial sense to get an expert to do it.


Marketing is a case in point, so here are some great reasons you should pay for marketing support if you’re serious about growing your business.

  • It frees up your time, so you can concentrate on what you do best. Whether you’re crafting products, producing food, building homes or delivering services, having a resource on board to ‘tell your story’ is a huge saving in time and money. A professional marketer can cut through the noise to identify your tone of voice, ideal customer and the best way to reach them with the right message.
  • It’s faster to get to the marketing sweet-spot of reaching the right people the right way. Business owners who do their own marketing might have a good instinct, but it still doesn’t make up for years of experience in producing materials, testing and measuring to continually push the boundary of excellent marketing. We’ve done the exams, so you don’t have to!
  • Marketers have a large toolkit of skills and we can make faster progress than a layman. Producing an email template and getting a suite of e-newsletters lined up may take as little as 2-3 hours for a marketer. Think of all the other great things you could be doing with your time! Marketers get a thrill from putting campaigns together – let us do a great job for you.
  • I love the fact that each professional looks for a certain standard in their chosen field – an accountant needs to see neat spreadsheets, a musician listens for a specific finish and a marketer looks for consistency. Flyers with tatty images, posts with no call to action, emails with five different fonts and clicks that go to the wrong web pages make us roll our eyes! A marketer knows how to put together a consistent and professional image for your brand.
  • Investing in a professional marketer shows you’re committed to your business, honest about your skills and where your time and money are best spent.


If you’re being driven mad by the pressure of delivering ad-hoc marketing – get in touch! Just Add Sauce can whip your marketing into shape with a slick strategy, actionable plan and the right approach to getting it all done on your behalf. Call for a first free meeting to find out what we can do for you.

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