Five ways to spice up your marketing

Sometimes life gets in the way of a good marketing plan. It happens to us all, but if your marketing isn’t up to date, you’re missing out on potential business.

These are are my top five suggestions for how to spice up your marketing!

Are you on top of your game?

Would you feel ‘on top of your game’ if a potential client googled you to find outdated profile shots, blogs and a last Facebook post from more than 18 months ago?

Fear not, here are some quick ways to get your marketing spring cleaned and ready for action.

Get ready to spice up your marketing

1. Tidy up your profiles:

Go through all of your social media profiles and add in new relevant projects that you’ve been involved in. You might have added new skills to your repertoire, branched into working with a new type of client, or added some key services to what you can provide. Check your address details, web links and contact details are correct across all channels.

2. Add a Google My Business page:

Google My Business is a business listing which is free and local. You can add in news, offers, events and blogs to the page to make it easier for potential clients to find you. It’s really simple to update and use. Search by ‘Get on Google’, register your address and you’ll be sent a confirmation code by post to start with.

3. Update your images and headshots:

A make-over of your website graphics, social media profile images and cover shots can be a great way to blow away the cobwebs. It will also make you feel a lot better when you’re presenting yourself to potential customers and new networking partners. Take the time to find a recommended photographer who understands sales and marketing, can visualise the way you want to appear and is honest enough to tell you what’s going to work for you.

4. Create new posts:

A careful curation of relevant articles that you have found interesting or insightful can be a great way to start posting after a break. You don’t want to dive in with a huge sales pitch as it can turn your existing customers off. Pick a few relevant projects, successes or updates to share with your customers.

5. Create new blogs:

Writing a piece to add to your website as a blog is important for search engine optimisation as well as for general housekeeping. A recent case study with images or a testimonial as part of a blog will draw new readers in and can also be emailed to your existing customers to remind them to use your services again.

Do you need a marketing audit to get you started?

If you’re looking to get a marketing audit done which will prioritise which are the most important items to tackle first, Just Add Sauce can help. We’ll have a look at how you are being presented across all your marketing materials. We will clean up your branding and freshen up your marketing messages.

Call for a first free meeting to find out what we can do for you.

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