Five ways to supercharge your blog sharing

Getting your content out to as many places as possible helps to build your professional profile, drives traffic to your website and gives an opportunity to express how you approach your business. Here are some ideas to supercharge your blog sharing, to help marketing your business to new customers.

Ready to push the boat out?

Here are a few other places you can share your content once you’re ready to push the boat out a little further!

1. Using your own channels and resources:

Facebook pages, Twitter and LinkedIn are very convenient ways to share. Take the time to join industry and local groups before you start distributing content. Once you’ve published a new blog on your website, follow up with an email to your contact list, letting them know you’ve posted content that’s relevant to them and you’d like them to comment on.

2. Google my business page:

This is a great way to start getting noticed in Google searches. You can seed keywords to reach the right target market. Google My Business is a free local business listing and you can add blogs, events, images and more to help your business be found easily.

3. Industry associations:

Do you belong to a professional industry body? Approach them with specialist information that could create partnerships with other practitioners in your field. This is a great way to develop your reputation as an innovator or thought leader in your niche industry.

4. Potential clients:

Is there someone you would love to work for? See if you can come up with an idea for a blog you can write for them and the pitch the idea to their marketing team. For example, if you install kitchens, write a blog for an interiors website that gives tips on how a good kitchen installer can make things easier for interior designers and building project managers.

5. Guest blogging:

Pick blogs that have good traffic flow, positive comments from readers, specialist content and are locally relevant. Approach specialists who complement services you offer your own customers and agree to do a trade in blog posts.  A handyman blogging about property issues is relevant to a letting agent website, a mortgage advisor’s article on what lenders look for is relevant to an accountant’s clients. You’re adding value to what you offer your own website visitors, so consider carefully who you approach.

The keywords, as always, are relevance and quality.

Are you looking for a blogger to help you?

We can help you supercharge your blog sharing! Just Add Sauce can take care of all your blogging requirements. We can work out what type of articles to write, where to share them for the best reach, do all the writing and even create social media posts to promote them on your channels.

Get in touch if you need some great ideas on content marketing to promote your business and brand.

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